Look at me trying to submit to you. I’m just saying I’ll rather go out my comfort zone for you than any other man. I see your scars when you don’t even realize it. I’m just trying to be the one that you get right. The woman that shapes you until you mold. The type of man I wouldn’t mind my son to model after. I’ve prayed for a few things & one is to die happy with or without someone beside me though it would be nice if you could be him. The only problem is you don’t even believe you are & I don’t know how to help you see that you could be. All I can do is love you the way God does not exactly but close enough to. I’m still human so bare with me , take your time with me. Embrace these things that you may have not seen or felt before. I am willing to bend & break for you. I’ve said it many times before. I’ve prayed for a few men but never as much as you. That it self is progress. Make a woman out of me at the age of 23. Shape me like I so desperately want to do for you..


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