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Granted (freewrite)

when you see the truth don’t deny it
you look me in my face and don’t be shamed 
when i response listen closely I’ll only speak once many times I’ve repeated myself for ears that was never meant to hear my voice 
time goes by and my body becomes a grave
I will bloom next spring 
I will become the everlasting garden that feeds you
hear these prayers join in kings pray for queens 
queens created universes 
those universes live forever in a space in time where love survives…the only thing that keeps us alive

Bird (freewrite)

some create through pain but not resulting into dysfunction 
some things are haunting your existence 
how do I learn to love you?
how could you ever love me?
I am the reason for your suffering 
blame me… blame me…
Don’t tell me to my face pretend to be genuine like them…you are apart of all the misfortune but you are not a mistake…you are my lullaby the reason I cling to life…you are my daydream…no comparison to reality 
your existence is the result of heartbreak but you don’t have to cause pain 

(42) ft.Damir

lights flickering and your brown skin shouldn’t be hidden your brown skin for showing never seeing such beauty the way it forms dips and curves a king that needs to be served a king that stands by his word actions speak louder

never not knowing her true beauty the urge to seek it out of her patiently every touch upon her physique let’s paint a different picture my queen I speak louder so that you can hear me looking for your acceptance a man can go crazy standing alone on his own knowledge you keep me sane making love to you and we become one I provide the comfort that allows you to release unconsciously as if I am your safety you are safe with me…just like a cocoon you keep me safe during my developmental stages never giving up on me though at times you got weary you seen the real me …here I stand because the warmth of your heart healed me could you take the weight from my shoulders? could you love me enough that my heart overflows? Never shall I deceive nor wreck you…you are my woman I stand proud you heal my wounds and I shield you from the darkness past trauma turns to testimonies you are the scripture I’ve spoke in tongues for during prayer didn’t know what I needed now I can’t live without you