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My New Book Of Poetry!


Hey!I just released my new book of poems! I hope you read and enjoy it! Support Please 💜 Enjoy my free writes on my blog too!!!!



(42) ft.Damir

lights flickering and your brown skin shouldn’t be hidden your brown skin for showing never seeing such beauty the way it forms dips and curves a king that needs to be served a king that stands by his word actions speak louder

never not knowing her true beauty the urge to seek it out of her patiently every touch upon her physique let’s paint a different picture my queen I speak louder so that you can hear me looking for your acceptance a man can go crazy standing alone on his own knowledge you keep me sane making love to you and we become one I provide the comfort that allows you to release unconsciously as if I am your safety you are safe with me…just like a cocoon you keep me safe during my developmental stages never giving up on me though at times you got weary you seen the real me …here I stand because the warmth of your heart healed me could you take the weight from my shoulders? could you love me enough that my heart overflows? Never shall I deceive nor wreck you…you are my woman I stand proud you heal my wounds and I shield you from the darkness past trauma turns to testimonies you are the scripture I’ve spoke in tongues for during prayer didn’t know what I needed now I can’t live without you


remember our first walk when the group of white bird flew across the pond & rest there…I rest my head on your chest I’m sure this was the day we created an unconditional love when you said it & the word hit the back of your throat & bounce back out into the palm of my hand…how could I not love you?
how could I not see your face & smile? even in the mist of angry I can’t hurt you too…the type of love that molds you the type that breaks you & rebuilds you…when you cry happy tears on valentine’s day because in the card he writes a corny line that reminds you that love does not expire … It always grows


someone to share your blessings with
someone to share your secrets with no judgement
someone who fights & you see it clearly
someone who accepts & understands
someone who forgives instantly
someone who knows when to control when not to
someone who can balance it out for me
sometimes I’m scared
sometimes I want to fall short just because I see you
sometimes you get upset but your anger isn’t what I’m use to
sometimes that’s scary too
sometimes I see them in you
I know I’m not worthy of your inconsistency
You are going to have to let me go because I won’t do it…
I won’t do it