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you are karma no need for the devil to come too
you were enough sorrow
enough pain
enough regret
I’ve been hung on your walls of insecurities & I’m been broken due to you
I’ve been longing & wanting I always do no matter the man
I am never full
I don’t want a snack
I need him to be a buffet enough & more for later
I don’t want to crave
I am tired of being the one to save



I know I don’t love you I couldn’t the way my mind doubts this connection.. love is believing
I know I don’t love you I couldn’t everytime you don’t put up the phone I wonder are you talking to her..love is trust
I know I don’t love you sometimes I think about him & the way his hands know my body parts in the dark , he’s familiar & you are still so new to me..love is being faithful & consistent it is not a sometimes thing but everyday you choose to be with the same person despite their flaws, despite the differences
I know I don’t love you because these record of wrongs are bold & they repeatedly play in my mind & revenge be on the tip of my tongue like a gun ready to kill your ego
if I loved you I would forgive you
I would welcome you into my heart every morning
I would lay these weapons down & surrender
I know I could love you but the boy in you won’t allow me to
why should I try if you won’t?
not loving at all is better than being the only one loving