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afraid that I’ll give my body away to someone that won’t understand that allowing you to have me after trauma is a battle every kiss , every touch , every time you dig deep inside me
I want to accept your flaws
I want to know you
every part
I want to cherish every moment
I don’t want toxicity
I don’t want lies & deceit
I want truth & growing
I want acception & knowing



you are karma no need for the devil to come too
you were enough sorrow
enough pain
enough regret
I’ve been hung on your walls of insecurities & I’m been broken due to you
I’ve been longing & wanting I always do no matter the man
I am never full
I don’t want a snack
I need him to be a buffet enough & more for later
I don’t want to carve
I am tired of being the one to save


If I told you how difficult it is to fight against this DNA. All her fuck ups flow through these veins i’m destined for failure. Wanted but not needed body made through lust for lust praying it turn into love but never did. My walls rebuild themselves weekly forcing myself to not give up but into him unselfishly. He is the moon on a night full of regrets. I’m known to shut my heart’s door but not my mind it wanders from time to time. I know how to open my butterfly of a flower for you to bloom through me but not for me the hurt you had to go through before me should of had you ready. I know lust leaves you thirsty & allows you to be a slave to any girl that can make you cum I never could climax for a man who didn’t love me Never could give all of me if he didn’t get to explore my body like a foreign country I am the once in a lifetime a site worth learning like history if you don’t get to know me fully you’ll never understand me


It’s hard for me to numb both of our pain & still fill my heart with enough love for the both of us
what can you supply?
calm spirit
milk chocolate skin that glows endlessly
want all those things fade?
days will come when you won’t smile or laugh
days will come when your calm spirit will overflow with sadness & you will need someone to hold you closer than before & I’ll be there
one day you will be old & your hair will turn gray
I’ll be there to help you on your sick days when old age consumes your body
the way cancer spreads without warning
what I’m trying to say is I want to be there for every milestone every growth I want to witness every struggle I want to help you get through
this life doesn’t have to be spent alone
& your past doesn’t define the now