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afraid that I’ll give my body away to someone that won’t understand that allowing you to have me after trauma is a battle every kiss , every touch , every time you dig deep inside me
I want to accept your flaws
I want to know you
every part
I want to cherish every moment
I don’t want toxicity
I don’t want lies & deceit
I want truth & growing
I want acception & knowing



In the midnight sun
I’ll cross the ocean just to return to you
If you were light-years away I’ll take that chance to be with you
this bet is worth the hand
this bet is worth the lost of any man I met after you
they can never compare
they are not aware of what I need
The wants never was important to me
though I want your body next to me every night I won’t find someone to fill that void but I’ll hold myself tight….tight enough to convince myself that these arms belong to you