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Updated Collection Of Poems

Hi! I recently revised 4 of my poetry books & I’ll be doing the rest very soon. I’m a busy mom but I love writing/art so much that I take time to create.The 4 books are available on Createspace (paperback only). There are Kindle versions available too but I prefer paper back when I’m reading. I’ve recently read a few new poetry books & I’m interested & discovering new ones. Any Suggestions??? Here’s the link
The updated books are
2.The Calm Storm
4.Wade In The Water
I’ll be updating alot more & my newest books also there will be new poems & everything! Thanks for the Support 😘


Fapless Life


Hey Guys!!! My friend has started  a blog about his addiction & how he overcame it! Please check it out & give feedback also if you know someone struggling with any addiction encourage them to talk about & get help. There is no shame in admitting you have any addiction. I myself have struggled with a few just like anybody else. Thanks for the support.