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Post 3

“How can she even feel?”
Lily ask me when will she breath again.i don’t know much about release but I know running & hiding.
We both do.We both know how it feels to be so close to something we prayed for & watch it slip away like uterus & fetus how murderers can hid names in their hands , watch fingers penetrate & keep bodies secret.
“How could he tell me to leave but beg me to stay at the same time.”
when he looked at me & told me I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the most. I remember how CJ must of felt when the vow was broken every night he was at work.
I remember the moaning I remember her holding me like I was her mother. She said that’s when she knew I would be one. I am wondering how can I be the woman I hope to be when I was never taught how a woman should be. “Lily?”
Don’t allow him to dim your light or Jericho your walls before you wanted them to fall.
“Your twin flame can hurt you right.”
“I’m not sure”
“When he took you apart in that room I swear I smelt your body burning.”
There was no better love for you other than that?
When you laid naked walls ripe enough to eat , did he feast?
Did he removed himself from you without shame.
Did he cry even a tear?
When he said sorry could you hear it in the back of his heart?
What the fuck is a sorry when for if the rest of life it will replay this moment?