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…isn’t it amazing how a horrible situation can turn into the best outcome…how this caterpillar of a man will be in this man made cocoon & God willing he will become a butterfly one day soon..



When we first met chills would run down my spine whenever I heard your name. I would get butterflies when I saw your face. Ladybugs would visit my front door.
What happened???
How many times do I have to prove that your heart is safe with me?
Are you even trying?
I know I’m not what you’re use to but isn’t that why you came here..
Aren’t you the same man that said you want me in your life forever ?
Your actions aren’t showing that..
What has gotten you so afraid?
all your secrets are safe here
I am not here to judge you
I am not here to deceive you
I am not here to hurt you
I am here to love you genuinely
because when you love someone it is unconditionally
I have patience but it’s like I’ll be waiting for a maybe & though love is patience
It’s a difference between gaining your trust & proving my worth